About Music Zone @ E-Max

Renowned as a premier focal point for entertainment in Hong Kong, Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre (KITEC) is committed to cultivating the very best local and international music culture in the Territory through its comprehensive and professional performance showcase spot - Star Hall. Since opening in 2007, this exciting music showcase venue has featured an array of world-class local singers and bands as well as top entertainers from Taiwan, Japan, Korea the U.S. and Europe, providing local music lovers with the ultimate in wide-ranging entertainment. Today Star Hall enjoys a strong reputation as a first-tier showcase destination among global performers and music lovers alike.

In constant pursuit of creating even more memorable music experiences, KITEC closely follows today's passionate trend among music fans for 'Live House' performances. After visiting the most popular Live House culture areas in Taiwan, Japan and elsewhere, KITEC is now excited to launch the first-of-its-kind local performance venue called – MusicZone@E-Max, inspired by today's cutting-edge “Live House” culture. MusicZone@E-Max provides music pros with a unique platform to fully express their art while promoting closer collaboration with other musicians. Now music lovers in Hong Kong have a new and exciting choice for top-notch live entertainment.

Music Zone@ E-Max aims to help guide the future of the local music industry and cultivate greater numbers of successful performers.

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